All You Need To Know About The Australian Partner Visa

Is your spouse an Australian citizen or permanent resident? If yes, you should apply for a partner visa. It is a permit that grants you temporary or permanent residence in the country. Read this article to learn more about the partner visa and how to apply for the permit. 

Who Qualifies For The Australian Partner Visa? 

The partner visa can only be applied by people who are in genuine and continuing relationships with Australian citizens and permanent residents. Other than this, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You must be an outstanding citizen in your home country. People accused of sexual, terrorist and criminal acts could have their application revoked.
  • You should meet the health requirements. Typically, you should not have a disease that endangers the lives of Australian citizens or one that limits their access to healthcare services.
  • You should be in the country when applying for the visa.
  • Applicants should be 18 years or above. If you have a dependent child, your case officer will examine how the move will affect your child's welfare. 

Benefits of The Partner Visa

The partner visa allows you to work and study in the country. Besides, you can travel to other countries as many times as you wish. The department will organise free English classes if you do not understand the language. You can also apply for public health insurance. People with a permanent visa can sponsor family members to live in the country. 

Types Of Partner Visas

There are two classes of partner visas; the temporary (subclass 820) and permanent (subclass 801) visa. People that wish to apply for a permanent visa must have the subclass 820 or dependent child visa. Besides, they should clear any debts that they owe to the Australian government. 

Applying For The Partner Visa

An immigration agent will help you apply for the partner visa. When choosing an immigration agent, assess their reputation, licencing and specialisation. Agents licenced to work in Australia will have first-hand information regarding changing immigration regulations. For instance, your agent will advise what you can or cannot bring to the country. They will inform you about COVID-19 travel restrictions. The agent will help you gather sufficient evidence to prove that your relationship is genuine. They will also prepare you for interviews and address any queries raised by your case officer. 

As a rule, you should regularly update your visa. For example, you should inform the department if you change jobs, have a newborn or break up with your partner. Additionally, you should follow Australian laws. Otherwise, you could get deported. 

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