Three Reasons You Might Want to Call in a Conflict Resolution Consultant

Managers want to deal with the problems that arise in their staff. However, there may come a time when conflict between employees becomes so bad that the only answer is to call in a professional conflict resolution consultant. When might you want to take such a step?

There is a danger of dismissal

Dismissing an employee is never a step to take lightly. As well as the impact on the employee, you will deprive yourself of the skills and experience that they could be providing when things are working well. The process of firing one employee and hiring another can also be expensive and legally complicated — and there is no guarantee that the problem won't happen again anyway. If this seems to be the next step, it may well be worth calling in a professional to see if the underlying causes can be addressed, and the workplace can be restored to a productive and stress-free environment. Even if dismissal cannot be avoided, you will need to show that you tried every available alternative first.

Productivity is affected

The atmosphere of a workplace can have a huge effect on how productive it is. Happy employees are productive employees; if they are worried or stressed about their relationships with others, they will probably be distracted and demotivated. Conflicts at work are also heavily correlated with absenteeism. You may find that the only way to restore your workplace to its full potential is to bring in an outside consultant, who can work with your employees to find solutions to the conflicts.

It's gone on for too long

Given enough time, most workplace conflicts will work themselves out, and it is sometimes wise to allow time for this to happen. Most people genuinely want to solve their problems, and do not want to spend their working lives in an unpleasant situation. However, sometimes the opposite can happen. A problem can grow to affect other employees and departments. Also, there is only so much time you can allow. Sooner or later you will need to take action, and if people have got too set in their ways, they may need outside help to shake things up.

Conflict resolution consultants have the experience to identify the underlying problems and find creative solutions. If matters are getting out of hand, don't be afraid to get in touch, and take the first step to a happier workforce.

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