Tips for hiring an underpinning contractor

Underpinning involves strengthening a building's foundation when it becomes unstable. As much as you may have handy skills, underpinning is not a DIY project hence the need to hire a professional contractor. Choosing a qualified contractor may damage your property, and the following tips will guide your hiring process:


It is evident that you will need to hire an experienced contractor who has performed this process countless times. A qualified contractor can finish the job quickly as they know what to do. Aside from checking their experience, you should also ensure that their staff has experience. Your company of choice may have been in existence for a few years, but their staff has minimal experience or high turnover.

You should also ensure that their team has proper protective equipment. Also, a professional will decide the underpinning suitable for your property based on the condition of the foundation. An experienced contractor will even know all the proper permits the job requires.

License and Insurance

Never hire an underpinning contractor who does not have a license or insurance. An unlicensed contractor may damage your property, and you may not be able to pursue any legal recourse. Check with your local government whether the contractor has an operating license. You will find that reliable companies highlight their license number on their company website. You should also ask about insurance as it protects you from liability should any damage to your property or their employees occur. A contractor should be able to provide proof of insurance.

Cost and guarantee

Before you can get an accurate estimate, a contractor has to examine your foundation. The cost of assessing the foundation and soil condition may be about $800. After an assessment report, a contractor can give you accurate estimates. The cost of underpinning is based on the soil time, accessibility and the materials needed. A concrete underpinning, for instance, may cost around $15000. Also, a reliable contractor should be able to provide a guarantee of their work for a certain period.

You should avoid contractors who ask for more than 50% of the cost at the start of the job. Note that you may be put on a waitlist as many contractors have a few clients. At best, you can find a contractor that can begin work within a few weeks. Do not be impatient as reliable companies tend to have a wait list of clients.

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